"It only takes one dedicated person"


Founded in 2019 by a group of cybersecurity ethusiasts, with both the academic and technical background needed in order to address a vast variety of challenges, Zonos Systems™ specializes in providing consultation services related to the domains of CYBERSECURITY and the MILITARY. Our distinct and thorough understanding of the past, present and potential future challenges within both domains, provides us with the ability to propose the best possible solution for our clients needs.


Cybersecurity is a challenge that cannot be solved, only managed. It concerns not only technology, but also includes psychology, computer science, and information security within its multifaceted scope, and for this reason multidisciplinary efforts are required to understand its contours and correctly capture its complexity. Therefore, to answer the challenges surrounding cybersecurity and information security, a holistic approach involving people, technology and processes is ought to be followed.


For decades, the defense industry, paired with the armed forces, had led force behind most of the technological advances. Today however, this trend seems to be reversing. Many start-ups, by making use of modern technologies (like Artificial Intelligence) can quickly develop a wide range of products, many of which can have a vast array of uses for the military. Regardless, a gap between legacy defence companies, military forces and the afformentioned start-ups has been observed.

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