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It was Heraclitus who said, "War is father of all, and king of all. He renders some gods, other men; he makes some slaves, others free". While we are well within the 21st century, war is still a – bitter – reality and humanity will still need weapons and the people who design, test and build them. Warfare can be described as the mechanism, method or modality of armed conflict against an enemy; it is the "how" of conducting war. Thus, it is safe to assume that warfare will constantly change while war will remain constant.


Military technology evolves at machine speed. Next-generation ships, tanks and airplanes are being created digitally - down to their tiniest detail - before being built. Which makes them less dependent on advances in aerodynamics or shipbuilding. Most companies today will try to identify the problem first and create solutions, rather than wait for the customer to tell them what they need. Is approach can create gaps and misunderstandings, which originate from the merging of two -completely different - worlds.


Our company is determined with providing the long-overdue focal point between the military domain and companies that design, test, and create defense products. We offer a wide arrey of consultation and product-tailor services which will seek to bridge the gap between what modern technology can offer, and ever-evolving military needs.



We can provide military introductory training related to a variety of military-related subjects. We offer:

  • Induction training(s)
  • Military/Warfare Concepts
  • Defense procurement approach and methodology (GR)
  • Introduction to the European Defense Fund (EDF)

Concept Development

Concept Development

We can offer a fully functional toolbox that can support your transformation activities and we can support your journey throughout each concept element. We provide:

  • Pre-Initiation services
  • Research & Validation services
  • Initiation services
  • Development supporting services
  • Post-Initiation services
  • Operational Analysis

Concept Experimentation

Concept Experimentation

We can support a wide range of concept experimentation tasks, such as controlled investigation, hypothesis confirmation/disproval, etc. We offer:

  • Experimentation administration services
  • Test site services
  • On-site support
  • Scenario development
  • Scenario Execution

Concept Management

Concept Management

We can support your organization in managing any concept development efforts in conjunction with knowledge regarding on-going or future projects already under development. We offer:

  • Administrative support (drafting of documents, etc.)
  • Resource allocation
  • Team establishment
  • Quality assurance
  • Identification of Concept Development Sources



We can offer the full range of testing and validation efforts, within a real-life warfare environment. We offer:

  • Development of Lessons Identified
  • Indoctrination of Lessons Learned
  • Discovery experimentation development
  • Hypothesis experimentation development
  • Validation experimentation development